About me

About me

Name: Shiroku
Residence: Hamburg
Birthday: 20th June
Bloodtype: 0


Colour: Blue, purple

Food: Matcha Aisu, Shoyu Ramen
Anime/Manga: Psycho Pass,
Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso, Shingeki no Kyojin, Arslan Senki
Music: Japanese Pop


Singing and playing piano:
I like to sing and to accompany my voice with the piano. During that I can enjoy the world of music to the fullest. It’s a great feeling and very relaxing.

Since I am a little child I liked to draw penguins or pretty girls with flying dresses and lots of ribbons. My favorite medium is the ball pen.

I really love cosplay. It is an amazing feeling to wear something, which you crafted by yourself.
I could make so many great friends due to this hobby and always have a lot of fun spending time with them. Recently I started to participate at international cosplay contests and have the honor to represent Germany at the World Cosplay Summit 2016 in Nagoya.

I really love penguins and like to collect stuffed animals and other penguin related things.
I own more than 500 penguins and my biggest one has a high of 1,40 meter.


First time singing karaoke and recording Anime covers for the online community Pummeldex

First visit of a japanese popcultur event in Hamburg and participation at a cosplaycontest (1rst place)

First concert at the japanese popcultur event „Chisaii goes con" in Hamburg

Concert at the AniMagiC with piano in front of 3.500 visitors

First concerts beyond Germany in Switzerland and Austria

Release of her first single „Inori ~ You Raise Me Up" and compilations with the recording company "Anime Records" (known for "Toru Tanabe")

First pressed release of her album „Anime Dreams"

Top 40 placement in the japanese iTunes Dance Charts with her single „Bad Apple"
Chosen as the "Artist of the month" by "Believe Digital
Release of her 2nd pressed album "Anime Wonderland"

Release of the pressed album "Anime No Piano" with the Japanese pianist "Manami Haruta"
Release of her first original song

First participation at the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries

Concert at biggest Japanese popculture event in the Baltic states "Now Japan"

6th place at the finals of the "German Cosplay Competition"

Release of the pressed album "Anime No Sekai"
2nd place at the German Preliminaries of the "European Cosplay Championship"
Top 200 placement of the iTunes charts in Nicaragua
Chosen as German representative of the "World Cosplay Summit 2016" in Nagoya

4th place at the finals of the „World Cosplay Summit“ as Team Germany
Compilation with japanese Artist „Iron Attack“
First invitation to an Asian event "Comiket Summer" in Tokyo (Japan)

Chosen as German representative of the "European Cosplay Gathering 2018" in Paris (France)
Release of the pressed album "Anime No Tamashi"