Montag, 28. Mai 2018

Official Cosplay Model for the World Cosplay Summit

Super excited to announce that I became the official Cosplay Model for the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya!

I will appear on various media related to the World Cosplay Summit and already cant wait to be there this summer.

Thanks so much for this great opportunity!

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

Covergirl of the taiwanese Cosplay magazine "Dream"

*o* It is such an honor to announce that I am the cover girl of the newest release of the Cosplay magazine "Dream" in Taiwan!

It Is the first time for me to be the cover girl and I really feel honored!

The magazine reports about the World Cosplay Summit and includes a small interview with me.
You can get more information's about it here:

Thanks so much!

Dienstag, 10. April 2018

European Cosplay Gathering Team Germany 2018

We finally announced our European Cosplay Gathering championship costume, which we will wear at the big stage at Japan Expo in Paris. :)
We will Cosplay from Fate/ Grand Order:
Chiko as Nero Claudius Bride
Shiroku as Miyamoto Musashi

We are super excited and already working on the costumes since december last year. :)
If you want to follow our progress please check our social media:

Thanks to our sponsor myCostumes!

We hope you like our choice and see you soon. *o*

Donnerstag, 5. April 2018

Okonomiyaki recipe (German fry pan style)

Okonomiyaki is often described as a Japanese pizza. It can be filled with various Ingredients like fish, cheese, bacon, ricecake or different vegetables.
Normally its made on a hot plate (Teppanyaki), but because I sadly live in Germany I developed my own way to make Okonomiyaki in 2 fry pans.

You can change the filling to your liking, although cabbage is more or less the filling you will found in nearly every Okonomiyaki.
I love noodles, this is why I went for a Yakisoba base. You can also skip the Yakisoba part and go with a plain egg base. ^_-

Ingredients (6 portions)

For the batter:
1,5 cups fleur
2 cups water
1 small bag of Dashimoto

Pizza Cheese
1/2 cabbage
Bacon stripes (12)

6 eggs
3 packs of Chuuka soba
Okonomiyaki sauce
Yakisoba sauce
Bonito flakes
Nori flakes

As for the Yakisoba/ Okonomiyaki sauces: I like to use the brand "Otafuku". I tried out various brands and just love the taste of this sauces. You can also make the sauces by yourself.

1) Cook the Chuuka soba and mix the soba with the Yakisoba sauce (like instructed on the package).
2) Chop the vegetables into small pieces.
3) Mix the Dashimoto, water and fleur until the lumps

Now we can start!

1) Pan 1: Fill some batter into the pan, wait a bit and top it with cheese
Pan 2: Fry the bacon until its crispy

2) Pan 1: Top the Batter with Cabbage, champions. Add some batter on the top and afterwards the bacon.
Pan 2: Fry 1 egg

3) Pan 1: Flip the whole thing (if some cabbage drops out, just push it under the batter after flipping). Wait until the cabbage is more or less cooked (to your liking).

4) Pan 2: Put the egg onto a plate. Top the egg with the prepared Yakisoba.

5) Pan 1: Take the batter and put it on the yakisoba.
6) Decorate it with Okonomiyaki sauce, Mayonnaise, Bonito and Nori

Some hacks:
1) If you don’t like raw cabbage, fry it before adding the cabbage to the batter
2) If you use 2 pancake turners, its easier to flip the Okonomiyaki
3) Press the Okonomiyaki with the pancake turner in Step 3) from time to time in the pan.
Also press the Yakisoba on to the Egg after step 3). If you flatten it out, its easier to eat afterwards and don’t look like the tower of Pisa.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
And no worries this will not become a cooking blog.
Im not good at cooking at all. Actually Okonomiyaki is the only food I can make. XD


Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018

Find my new Album "Anime No Tamashi" and "Yuri on Ice"

I updated my release sectio *o*
You can find my music on following sides:

You can find my new albums on following sides!

Download: <iTunes> <Amazon> <Spotify>

Download: <iTunes> <Amazon> <Spotify>

Thank you for your support. :)
Looking forward to more awesome Cosplay and music projects this year! *o*


Sonntag, 7. Januar 2018

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a happy new year and a successful and healthy 2018!

With 23 conventions and over 25 concerts, 2017 was really busy and exciting for me.
I did not only published my new Album "Anime No Tamashi" but also won the preselection of the European Cosplay Gathering with my partner Chiko!

I also visited for the first time in my life the US and got invited by an American convention.
Anime Matsuri was really an overwhelming experience a well as Made in Asia and of course my beloved events in Germany.

It was my first time I got invited as a Cosplayguest and not as a singer, which was also a really new but super exciting experience.
I’m so happy and glad for all these opportunities and I am so happy I could make so many new friends and met my old buddies, although we life on the other side of the world.

I managed to shoot more than 50 times (different costumes and settings) with 26 new costumes, 14 different photographers and 9 amazing Cosplaypartners!

Thank you for supporting me and making all this possible!
I am so so happy and grateful for all this opportunities and chances and I would never be able to life my dream without your support!
Thank you so so much!

For 2018 I already planned a lot of new and exciting projects and cant wait to share them with you!
I´m also thinking about starting to vlog, about Japan, Cosplay and music!
You can look forward to a lot of new projects!

Thank you for your support, kindness and precious time!
Thank you!!!

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

European Cosplay Gathering Team Germany 2018

I still cant believe it. We really became Team Germany 2018 for the European Cosplay Gathering! Although it was not planned we will be at the Japan Expo next year in France!
Everything, costume and even skit, were super rushed and we barely had time to prepare everything. So we never though we would have a chance with costumes, we needed to finish in 3 weeks…
So we never expected to get even into the top 3.
Thanks everyone for supporting us and believing in us, even we couldn’t believe in ourselves.
We will definitely give our all for the European Cosplay Gathering and are already started to gather materials and ideas.

Thanks PFAFF for this awesome sewing machines and Connichi for organizing an amazing cosplay contest. You really care about the contestants!
Thanks myCostumes for even making it possible!

Thank you for everything guys!